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Thickened Manganese Steel Pointed Hoe Head

Thickened Manganese Steel Pointed Hoe Head

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SUPERIOR DURABILITY: The hoe head is constructed with thickened manganese steel, providing exceptional strength and durability. It can withstand tough gardening tasks, including breaking up soil, digging, and cultivating without bending or breaking.

EFFICIENT GARDENING: The pointed design of the hoe head allows for precise and effortless penetration into the soil. It efficiently cuts through roots, removes weeds, and prepares the ground for planting, saving you time and effort in your gardening endeavors.

ROBUST STEEL BENDING HANDLE: Featuring reinforced welding connections and ergonomically designed angle bending, our Pointed Hoe Head ensures sturdiness and efficiency for labor-saving gardening tasks.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: This hoe head is suitable for a wide range of gardening tasks, such as turning soil, creating furrows, and shaping beds. It is a versatile tool that helps maintain a well-groomed garden and promotes healthy plant growth.

EASY MAINTENANCE: The thickened manganese steel construction of the hoe head makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. After use, simply wipe it clean and store it in a dry place to maintain its longevity and performance.


Size: 8*20*17cm

Curved handle length: 42cm

Weight: 800g

Package Included: 1* Thickened Manganese Steel Pointed Hoe Head


There is the hoe head only. A compatible handle is required for use (not included).

Please exercise caution and wear appropriate protective gear while using the hoe head to prevent injury.


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Thickened Manganese Steel Pointed Hoe Head