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Micromolecular Lubricant for Equipments

Micromolecular Lubricant for Equipments

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Do you have these troubles too?

The lock is rusted and cannot be opened, the gear makes abnormal noise, and the machine is damaged after long-term use...

High wear resistance, reduce the abrasion.

It can quickly penetrate into the surface layer of maintenance products, effectively reduce wear and tear, and prolong the service life of equipment.

Lubrication and rust prevention, high temperature resistance

Long-term lubrication will quickly form a protective film on the surface of the product, effectively resisting the corrosion of acid, alkali liquids and preventing rust.

Applicable to multiple products and multiple scenarios

It can be used for door locks, bicycle chains, motorcycles, electric fans and automobile parts, etc., and can be used in various seasons and temperature conditions.

Patented design, easier oiling

Breaking the tradition, the catheter design avoids the danger of sharp needles, and the curved catheter tip makes it easier to penetrate.

Simple operation, easy to carry

60ml portable capacity design, can be carried around, compact and convenient, does not take up space; easy to use and not complicated


Capacity: 60ml

Shelf life: 3 years

Function: dust and rust prevention, lubrication, enhanced corrosion resistance, etc.

Applicable: hardware door locks, mechanical equipment, chain drives, household appliances, etc.

Operating temperature: high temperature 260 ℃ - minus 30 ℃

Package includes: Micromolecular Equipment Lubricant*1

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Micromolecular Lubricant for Equipments