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LED Jellyfish Lamp

LED Jellyfish Lamp

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Soothing Ambiance | Mesmerizing Visuals | Low Maintenance | Energy Efficient

Our LED table aquarium lamp showcases two lifelike artificial jellyfishes that glide gracefully, illuminated by a shifting palette of 5 entrancing colors. It's not just an elegant decor piece; it's a haven of tranquility that may alleviate stress, brighten moods, and serve therapeutic needs, especially for individuals with dementia, ADHD, and autism. Whether you're buying for a child, an adult, or a senior, this lamp promises a serene oceanic ambiance for any room.

Key Features

- Realistic jellyfish movement with captivating LED color transitions.

- Acts as a potential mood booster and stress reducer.

- Ideal for children, adults, and especially those with special needs.

- Perfect for any room: from offices to bedrooms.

What's Inside the Box?

- Jellyfish Night Light.

- USB Cable for easy charging.

- Comprehensive User Manual.

Quick Start Guide

1. Power with a 5V plug or use 4*AAA batteries. (Battery not included)

2. Initially, pour half of the clean water into the aquarium, shake, and empty to remove impurities.

3. Refill with clean water, leaving about a centimeter gap from the top. Add 3-6 drops of detergent.

4. Smooth out the jellyfish tentacles, place them in the water, cover, and switch on.

Note: Jellyfish might have surface bubbles initially causing uneven floating. This resolves over time or bubbles can be manually removed for a smoother experience. If your jellyfish isn't swimming, a tad more detergent should do the trick!

Jellyfish Lamp

Bring The Ocean Home. Soothing Ambiance. Mesmerizing Visuals. Low Maintenance.

Improve Sleep

The Jellyfish Lamp is a visual lullaby, easing minds with its tranquil dance. In a screen-heavy world, it ensures peaceful sleep. With Jellyfish Lamp, wake refreshed.

Relieve Anxiety

Our Jellyfish Lamp is more than decor, it's visual meditation. Immerse in its aquatic ballet, and let stress melt into peace and clarity.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We meld art with realism. Experience lifelike jellyfish dancing in your space, replicating marine beauty. More than lighting—it's a mesmerizing visual experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Don't My Jellyfish Float?

If your jellyfish aren't floating to the top, don't worry. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to the water as per the instructions and they should come alive.

How Do I Setup My Jellyfish Lamp?

Simply fill the aquarium with regular tap water, add one or two drops of liquid dish washing detergent, and drop in the jellyfish. Then, turn on, relax and enjoy the show.

How many colors does you Jellyfish Lamp Offer?


Our jellyfish lamp features 7 vibrant RGB colors that seamlessly transition from one to the next, providing a soothing and visually stunning display. Additionally, the lamp is designed to be gentle on the eyes, ensuring it's safe and comfortable for everyone, including children.


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LED Jellyfish Lamp